Trains Planes and Automobiles!

The Mobi can go wherever you want to travel

Shower proof; puncture proof; pavement legal; electric breaking. The Monarch Mobi is an amazing 4-wheel scooter.

It can do stuff that no other scooter can do. It is a true 4-wheel scooter so it is safe and stable; it has an adjustable tiller handle bar and delta handles so you can use your fingers and thumbs to steer.

And because we are all built a little differently its armrest are adjustable to suit you.

It can scoot around at about 4 mph and has a range of about 10 miles. But for those folk who want to scoot further, It comes with a spare battery pack so you can do double the distance (which by the way is a light weight lithium battery which is airline approved)

And because it’s all so light – under 25kg it’s free to transport on all major airlines. It simple folds up and is good to go. It has a carry case option and can be folded up in seconds. That is really useful – so your lovely Mobi doesn’t get all bashed about when being placed in the hold of a plane or coach

It comes in a choice of 3 colours as well, Red, white & Blue. And it’s available on finance.

So where do you want to go! The Mobi lets you choose to shop, travel and have fun.