What if your baby has a limb difference?

geoff adam spink

Reassuring parents and parents-to-be that having a limb difference is no barrier to a brilliant and fulfilled life.

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Geoff Adams-Spink EDRIC 

Geoff Adams-Spink

Geoff Adams-Spink

My organisation, EDRIC – an international umbrella body for people with congenital limb difference – is launching a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.  Using our online Dysmelia Network (DysNet), the idea is to reassure the parents and parents-to-be that having a limb difference is no barrier to a brilliant and fulfilled life.

What’s it all about? 

Our goal is to create a multi-lingual website with answers to all of those difficult questions that suddenly arise when a child with a limb difference is born or just seen on an ultrasound scan.

Please help us to crowdfund this important work.

Our most pressing goal is to get information and support to people as soon as they need it.  Creating and maintaining online resources and helplines in five world languages will cost us  €30 000 and will potentially help thousands of people and their babies all over the world.

The eternally tireless Kay Allen, who conceived RUStuff, immediately offered support.  “I’ll donate £100 worth of goods that you can give away as perks,” she said.

So we had a whole list of stuff – and although we’ve only been in soft launch for the last week, they’ve all been snapped up already!


If you’re the supplier of products like Greeper and Xtenex laces, the Jackpen and PenAgain or the Massage BallsAir Purifying night lights and the The Hopper- or indeed any other of the wonderfully innovative products listed on the website – why not donate some to us?

It’s in a great cause and in five languages – English, French, Italian, Spanish and German.  This means your product could end up anywhere in Europe, if not the world!

Our networks are your customers.

Visit our Indiegogo page: What if your baby has a limb difference

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You can like our video on YouTube HERE

And we’ve just signed up to create a Thunderclap – a sort of social media flashmob – that people can support from their Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr accounts simply : VISIT THIS LINK


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