What is Dragon NaturallySpeaking?

Dragon Naturally SpeakingDragon NaturallySpeaking is speech recognition software that allows you to talk to your PC through a microphone and have your words appear on the screen. You talk and it types.

This allows you to dictate text directly into different computer applications such as MS Word to write documents, MS Outlook to create e-mails, Internet Explorer to surf the Internet and many others. Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 also allows you to control your PC using voice commands – you can say commands such as “Page Up”, “Start Word”, “Press Enter” or “Send Mail”. Dragon is clever enough to understand when you want to dictate text and when you want to give it a command.

How can it do for you?

Dragon can reduce the need to use a keyboard and mouse which can help assist with disabilities such as RSI & Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. Dragon can also help if you have dyslexia, dyspraxia or other learning difficulties as many users find it easier to dictate their letters and e-mails rather than using a keyboard to type them. Also, Dragon doesn’t make spelling errors and can read back the text you just created!

How is Dragon NaturallySpeaking licensed?

The Dragon NaturallySpeaking software is licensed per user. This means a single user can install Dragon onto a number of computers i.e. your work PC, your home laptop and other computers as long as you are the only one using it.

Who are Freedom of Speech Ltd?

Freedom of Speech is one of the largest UK suppliers of speech recognition software. We are a Nuance Premier Partner and can supply you with all editions of Dragon NaturallySpeaking software as well as one-to-one training. We are dedicated to making using a computer at home, school or work more easy, more effective and allow you to access your PC applications by voice instead of using a keyboard and mouse.

We developed a special edition called Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional 12 ‘Access to Work edition’ specifically priced for users who have had an assessment through the Assess to Work Scheme. For home users or students, we recommend either the Premium or Home edition.

Free your voice with Freedom of Speech

The Really Useful Stuff Team would like to thank our supplier, Freedom of Speech Ltd, for writing this informative blog for RUS.

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