The team at RUS has years of experience in dealing with the wider disability market. We can offer, consultancy, product feedback, market research and a whole package of social media support.

We can help you access more of your target market in our accessible mobile enabled shop. We will be attending the majority of roadshows and trade fairs to help get your brand noticed.

We are building a community of disabled and older people that can help provide valuable feedback on your products and services.

Our process is simple and transparent – with no hidden charges

  1. You list your products on our website
  2. We market your products to customers
  3. Customer orders and pays through our checkout
  4. You send your product to customer with invoice
  5. We pay you within 21 days
  6. You have your own dashboard to manage your orders


You get

  • Your own storefront and dedicated web address, and slots for unlimited products
  • Access your product pages and manage your orders 24 hours a day via our bespoke content management system
  • Full storefront review by our expert team to maximise your sales
  • Social Media promotion via Twitter and Facebook